TeamDNR has released Rhythmic Passages & Elektro Keys, two sound sets for Audjoo Helix.

Our first set of releases will be for the amazing hybrid synth plug-in from Audjoo Software called Helix, which is a beautiful sounding synthesizer with a variety of features not found on many other synthesizers. Helix allows you complete control over the signal and how you process it. You can find more information on Helix at the Audjoo website.

Rhythmic Passages includes 32 professionally designed rhythmic sounds suited for electro, techno, trance, house and other types of electronic music. Each preset has a variety of velocity, modwheel, pitchbend, or aftertouch programmed to useful controls providing more expression in your music.

The Elektro Keys set also includes 32 set sounds, ranging from soft keyboards to modulation filled elektro coolness.

The Helix sound sets are available now for $5 USD each. You can download some free demo presets from the product pages.

Visit TeamDNR for more information and audio demos.