TeamDNR has released Sylenth1 / TeamDNR Signature, a soundset for LennarDigital Sylenth1.

This signature soundset has 64 sounds that will fit a wide variety of musical styles.

Sylenth1 / TeamDNR Signature is available for download for $10 USD. Some demo mp3s are available so you know what you can expect from this soundset.

TeamDNR has also released Sessions A, a free soundset for Sonic Charge Synplant.

SonicCharge Synplant is a great, organic synthesizer with a load of options in it’s DNA editor to tweak. We’ve designed a few sounds in a variety of styles for anyone to download. There are 32 sounds, plus one patch containing the ‘Jingle Balls’ feature.

Visit TeamDNR for more information and a link to download the free Sessions A soundset.