TeamDNR / KillerCutz Ammunition (Techno background)

TeamDNR Collaborative Designs has released version 1.1 of Ammunition, a drum sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Ammunition is the first product in the TeamDNR range that is included in our new “constant update” program, in which the product will be updated on a semi-regular basis, adding new content and free tools that pertain to that particular product. When a product is updated, users of the product will be able to log into the TeamDNR website and download all new content instantly. All products of this type are marked accordingly on our website, with a shiny yellow star.

Changes in Ammunition v1.1

  • 200+ new drum samples.
  • Standalone .wav version.
  • Sample layering guide (.pdf)>.
  • 5 new wallpaper themes for Kontakt.
  • New demonstration package download (on the product page).

Ammunition is available to purchase for $20 USD.