Isotonik Studios has introduced a new Ableton Live pack from a heavyweight of the Drum and Bass scene in the UK. Tearin Drumz – Vol 1 Heavyweight Edition by DJ Crystl is a unique collection of 50 hard-hitting rollers created specifically for the headz that love a dance floor banger.

You get 50 rolling individually unique drum breaks each one a fusion of layers using a combination of classic funk breaks and 90’s hip hop. Dj Crystl dug deep into the crates for some of these and used some personal favourites of his adding a little spice for that extra b boy flavour. All the drums are lightly EQ’d with that dirty raw feel so you can bring your own vibe in the processing stage.

We hope you enjoy making something dope using these drumz. there was a lot of fun had making them and we can’t wait to hear how you use them. Remember – be original , don’t just use them straight, Twist them up Cut em up, Mess em up, make em your own. ENJOY 😉

The sample pack is available to purchase for £29.99 GBP. Requires Ableton Live 10 or higher.

More information: Isotonik Studios