Techivation has announced the release of T-De-Esser Plus, an updated version of the recent T-De-Esser free de-esser effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

T-De-Esser Plus has the same functionality as the original, but the interface now displays premium features which will be available in an upcoming Pro version. The new ‘Audition’ (Delta-listening) feature is enabled and free to use with T-De-Esser Plus. It allows you to quickly listen to the de-esser filter’s frequency range or just the sounds that are being de-essed.

T-De-Esser Plus can streamline your audio project workflow by saving you both vital time and effort. It works as effectively on individual tracks as it does on buses. It performs efficiently in a wide range of implementations, from sound design and post-production to the most demanding of mastering applications.

T-De-Esser Plus is available to download in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats. The upcoming Pro version ($199 USD) will also feature up to 16x oversampling, lookahead, wet/dry mix, attack/release control, custom frequency range, mid/side mode, stereo link, saturation, and a high-cut filter.

More information: Techivation