Tekky Synths G-RAiN

Tekky Synths has announced the release of G-RAiN, a granulizer sampler instrument for Windows.

G-RAiN features

  • Loads Wav files saving 1 entire sample folder in memory per preset.
  • Random sample selection (if desired).
  • Grain settings with control over speed, space, steps and size.
  • StepLFO filter modulation with random option (for steps).
  • 16 steps gater (velocity/volume) with random steps option.
  • Filter section with usual controls.
  • Fx section with stereo widener/boost, flanger, reverb and delay.
  • ADSR amp envelope.
  • Preset manager to save/load settings.
  • Complete MIDI learn implementation.

G-RAiN is available to purhcase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for 30 EUR.

More information: Tekky Synths