Terry West has released EasyVox F v1.8, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Terry West EasyVox F v1.8

EasyVox F v1.8 features

  • Dynamic mono vocal compressor/limiter/enhancer.
  • Four bands “F” equalizer:
    Easyfox-F EQ works with the fundamentals of the human voice. The eq-section splits into four controls:

    • FLow/FTop = Voice Fundamentals.
    • HLow/HTop = Voice Harmonics.
  • Autogain and Pre-Limiter.
  • Auto Noisegate.
  • Two “F” EQ models.
  • Independed Low-Mid-Hicut filters.
  • Harmonic Exciter effect.
  • Vocal Doubler effect with level control.
  • Pre in/Post out gain.
  • In/out/reduction meters + numerical.
  • Eq activity/auto-bypass leds.
  • Auto Band-off.
  • Zero latency.

NOTE: This version is not a update of the standard EasyVox plugin.

EasyVox F v1.8 is available for download now.

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