Terry West EasyVox v1.7

Terry West has released version 1.7 of EasyVox, a freeware effect plug-in for processing vocals.

I’m not sure what was updated exactly, but it never hurts to get the latest version.

EasyVox v1.7 features

  • Dynamic mono vocal compressor/limiter/enhancer.
  • Three bands equalizer.
  • Autogain and Pre-Limiter.
  • Auto Noisegate.
  • Auto Band-off.
  • Three EQ models.
  • Fine EQ option.
  • EQ activity/bypass leds.
  • Low-Mid-Hicut.
  • Vocal Doubler effect.
  • Pre in/Post out gain.
  • In/out/reduction meters.

EasyVox is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Terry West for more information.