Thaloops has launched Vocal Samples: Rockstar Edition, a royalty free sample pack that offers sounds from the depths of voice bass to the ACDC rocking screams.

ThaLoops Vocal Samples Rockstar Edition

325 vocal chant samples of a rocking male voice tailored for urban mu-sic productions were recorded using a class-a microphone with a tube pre-amp. The warm, analog, vintage characteristics of the rocking vocal samples will make your productions lively.

The files are grouped into 4 folders: “Exclamations”, “Phrases”, “Words” and “Xtra”. Each phrase, word or exclamation has from 3 to 8 variations performed in an ascending manner. The low talking voice ranging up to the desperate scream.

Vocal Samples: Rockstar Edition features

  • 325 WAV Files.
  • 10 Exclamations + Variations.
  • 10 Phrases + Variations.
  • 32 Words + Variations.
  • 24 Xtra Chants.
  • PC/Mac Compatible.
  • 100% Royalty-Free.

Vocal Samples: Rockstar Edition is offered as a download, priced at $14.99 USD.

More information: ThaLoops / Vocal Samples: Rockstar Edition