The Blue Room has just opened its music library with the release of two new sample packs and a collection of presets for the RC-20 Retro Color plugin by XLN Audio.

Foundations Vol. 1 features 15 musical compositions inspired by psychedelic soul, space travel, introverted lo-fi bedroom pop, and old school sound manipulation.

From vintage keyboards and synths to guitars of all shapes and sizes to electric basses to bell percussion and much more, each composition contains many pieces within. For example, you could use one section as a sample then use another as an outro. I am called “Foundations” because I am a jumping off point. My purpose is to inspire something in you to create.

Sunsets Forever delivers a collection of 30 guitar loops created from a guitar collection that spans over 20 years.

From a 1972 Fender Starcaster to a modded Jazzmaster to a vintage Les Paul goldtop to a Gretsch hollowbody and many others, I contain a wide variety of sounds and textures. I am called “Sunsets Forever”. This is my name because my inspiration was somewhere in between day and night. Some filmmakers call it “the magic hour”. I am that little sliver of the day where you dream despite being awake.

The sample packs are priced $29.99 USD each. Also available is Patina for RC-20 Retro Color, a pack of 20 presets designed to modify stock sounds into inspiring textures and to create new landscapes. The presets are $19.99 USD.

Furthermore, you can download Free Samples Vol. 1 to get a taste of The Blue Room with a selection of sounds and presets from the above packs.

More information: The Blue Room