Image-Line has announced that the release of a free sample pack by The Brothers Nylon.

The Brothers Nylon consists of twins Nick and Mike Rufolo who make everything from 70’s inspired funk and soul to modern lofi, jazz and afrobeat. Aside from 15+ albums and hundreds of YouTube videos, they also made 13 sample packs in 2022 for various different companies and now it’s our turn to partner with them to offer FL Studio users an exclusive collection of 100 drum loops titled “The Brothers Nylon: Breakbeats”.

Most loops were played on a Made In Japan drum kit with a 60s Slingerland snare and recorded to either a Tascam 388 or MS-16 tape machine. Others were recorded straight to digital using external 500 preamps or a UA Apollo interface. The beats range from 80 – 130 BPM and are useable in a variety of genres, as well as being choppable in Fruity Slicer or Slicex.

Created exclusively for FL Studio, the pack contains 100 live played 4-bar acoustic drum breaks. The pack is available to download and install automatically from the Loops category in the Library tab inside FL Studio.

More information: Image-Line