The Colorspace has released Bass One, a free 3-osc bass synthesizer instrument for Windows.

The Colorspace Bass One

The Colorspace’s pikes/plucks synthesizer instrument Piky was updated to version 1.1.

Changes in Piky v1.1

  • Scope Visualizer had a very high CPU load on older computers; solved by changing its size and range.
  • Notes buttons are now smaller.
  • The plug-in interface is now 40% smaller.
  • Added 2 octaves to the notes buttons area.
  • Added 6 waveforms to the Wave 2 Oscillator.
  • Added a new blue knob to edit the Wave 2 detuning; it works by adding two detuned saws to the Wave 2 mix.
  • Added some new presets.

Bass One and Piky are available as freeware VST instrument plugins for Windows.

More information: The Colorspace