The Colorspace releases VST Suite, 4 free instruments


The Colorspace has released the VST Suite, a free collection of 4 instrument plug-ins for Windows.

The Colorspace VST Suite

  • Serio3 – Simple 3 oscs subtractive synthesizer with 3 sub oscs, an ADSR for each osc, ring modulation, 2 filters, 2 lfos, a stereo enhancer, delay, reverb and
    chorus effects.
  • Feeling – 3 oscs additive synthesizer with a bitcrusher and a saturator for each oscillator, 2 filters, 2 lfos, a stereo enhancer, a stereo chorus (you can mod left and right parts) and a delay effect.
  • Drafter – 3 drawable oscs synthesizer, you can draw your waveform with your mouse. It has 2 filters, 4 lfos, a bit reducer, a stereo enhancer, delay and reverb effects.
  • Cloud – 3 morphing oscs synthesizer, it has a bitcrusher for each osc, a filter, 4 lfos and the automorph section where you have 4 lfos to morph automatically the waveforms (with animations), a stereo enhancer, delay and reverb effects.

The Colorspace VST Suite is available as a free download for Windows (VST).

More information: The Colorspace

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Nice plugins.
A big hug on cpu.