The Drum Broker has announced the availability of the Illmind Special Edition Blap Drive (ASR-10), a collection of sample packs on a custom USB flash drive.

Illmind’s exclusive ASR-10 “Blap Drive” is a unique 16GB USB Flash Memory Drive loaded with Illmind’s Exclusive “Blap Kit” drum kit series (including Blap Kit Volume 4) as well as other dope, EXCLUSIVE content.

This is a rare & limited production item, so get one while they last!

Drum Broker !llmind Blap Drive

Illmind Special Edition Blap Drive features

  • Blap Kit Volume 1: $25 value.
  • Blap Kit Volume 2: $25 value.
  • Blap Kit Volume 3: $25 value.
  • Blap Kit Volume 4: $25 value.
  • Special Edition Blap Kit: 808s & String Breaks: $25 value.
  • Unreleased drum samples & instrument riffs (pianos, horns, strings, etc).
  • Miscellaneous sound effects that !llmind uses (sweeps, bleeps & more).
  • 2000 – 2010 “Decade Batch”: 1 Unreleased !llmind beat from each year (10 beats total) + WAV STEMS for each (kicks, snares, synths, etc).
  • Over 60 !llmind produced songs, released & unreleased over the past 10 years (in mp3 format).
  • Screen Shots + Detailed List of VSTs + Plug-Ins that !llmind uses.
  • 16GB ASR-10 USB Memory Drive.

The Illmind Special Edition Blap Drive is available to purchase for $99.99 USD. Note: Digital content will be available immediately for download (while product ships).

More information: The Drum Broker