The Drum Broker has launched the MSXII – Soulful Stems 3 Sample Flip Challenge, a chance to win SS3 Vinyl credit, Ion USB Turntable, Drum Machinery Poster, MPC60 USB flash drive with SS3 stems loaded, and Behind The Beats video with Scratch Magazine TV featuring the winner track.

Drum Broker The Soulful Stems III

Step up your production game and enter our famed Soulful Stems 3 sample-flip challenge!

Your pre-order will secure your contest entry AND also provide you with the limited edition Soulful Stems 3 vinyl that will ship in late August.

The Soulful Stems 3 project will officially drop after the contest winner is announced on August 28th.

The deadline for entering the contest is August 21st, 2015.

More information: The Drum Broker