The DrumSource

The DrumSource is a drum machine VSTi by Ola Wistedt and Mats Lindfors. It is currently in beta stage and available as freeware (it still contains bugs according to the authors).


  • 24 drumtracks for 10 drums with 16 playable positions in 4 beats.
  • Sequencer synced with any host (“stand-alone” using 120bpm) or non synced mode for playing samples through MIDI (with velocity)
  • Built in file browser for easy sample changing (including preview sound from browser)
  • No global menus. The DrumSource uses context menus only which can be easely invoked by presssing the right mouse button
  • Support for .fxb
  • Custom sample name labels.

Several reports of VSTi crashes (hence the beta status).
“Vst::processReplacing()Unexpected nr of sampleframes” seems to occur with multiple hosts. Use with caution.

For more information and a link to download the beta check out The DrumSource.