Majetone has announced the release of its new drum instrument bundle The Kensal Clubdate, a sample library for Kontakt and Ableton Live’s Sampler.

The instrument library features meticulously sampled drum playing techniques and one of a kind, unique drums, recorded in 2014 in a great North West London studio, shortly before the building was bought (and demolished) by developers.

In 2013, James of Majetone started making vellum drumheads. Mistakenly using vellum of up to 5 times the regular thickness resulted in a dry, toneful quality to the drums.

It features eight instruments centred around A 1964 Ludwig ‘Clubdate’ kit, 1938 Leedy Broadway Parallel snare, Vintage K Zildjian Cymbals recorded with Sticks, Teatowel muffling (ala Ringo, Keltner, Helm etc etc.) Metal Brushes, Nylon Brushes, Hotrods, Threaded Brushes, Mallets and Broomsticks. James then processed this with his Akai tape machine and fuzz pedals for additional options.

The gui is simple and includes 40+ snapshots to get going quickly!

Priced £30 GBP, the full version of The Kensal Clubdate includes 20,000 Wav samples (24bit/48kHz) with up to 7 velocity layers and 6 round robins. A lite version for Ableton Live includes 1,300 Wav samples with up to 7 velocity layers for £9.99 GBP. Note that the full version for Kontakt also includes the lite version and two bonus instruments (Dniwer Epat & Cymbal Scrape).

A collection of 10 royalty free demo loops is available to download at no charge.

In celebration of the release, orders over £30 GBP will get 25% off using coupon code DRUM at the checkout for a limited time.

More information: Majetone