Andre Ettema, founder of The Solos, has announced that The Solos have teamed up with Hamburg based company Steinberg to release a new sound expansion for the Padshop software synthesizer.

Built by The Solos’ seasoned sound designers Allert Aalders and Ramon Kerstens, Black Orb contains a collection of hybrid cinematic sounds and inspirational soundscapes designed to complement cinematic scores and electronic songs.

Vintage iconic synthesizers as well as obscure modulars were sampled and combined with a variety of organic sounds, even a concert pipe organ was sampled.

This Padshop Expansion absorbs iconic vintage synthesizers, obscure modular synths and a variety of organic sounds into a dark mass, only to be further mangled by everything Padshop has to offer. The result is a hybrid of gloomy lurking drones, raw pads, aching arpeggios and powerful pulses which push the boundaries of electronic music, feature film, game, TV and trailer scoring.

Priced 49.99 USD/EUR, the pack contains 150 presets and granular sounds that The Solos composers have used in various high profile movie trailers.

More information: Steinberg