The Sound Guy Spectral Machine

The Sound Guy has released Spectral Machine, a frequency-domain plug-in featuring a wide range of unique spectral effects.

Spectral Machine™ is an advanced frequency-domain multi-effects plug-in. Like SFX Machine, Spectral Machine wraps a great deal of power and flexibility inside an easy-to-use interface.

But unlike time-domain plug-ins like SFX Machine, Spectral Machine starts by converting the audio into the frequency domain using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). This gives us direct access to the signal’s frequency spectrum, enabling a number of effects that simply would not be possible in the time domain.

Spectral Machine features

  • General Purpose Effects
    • Delay Spectral Bands – Apply separate delays to different spectral bands, with individual control over the amount of feedback in each band!
    • Spectral Freeze – Click the “Fire” button to freeze the sound, which then decays at different rates for high and low frequencies. Click the “Reset” button to unfreeze.
    • Sample & Hold – Similar to Spectral Freeze, but it automatically retriggers at a specified interval.
    • 3 AM – A tremolo effect with individual control over the modulation rate and depth in three frequency bands.
    • 3-Band Filter – Precise control over the gain in three user-selected frequency bands.
    • Spectral Peak/Notch – Lets you boost or attenuate an arbitrarily narrow frequency band around a specified frequency.
    • Oscillating Peak/Notch – Interesting peak/notch effect with an oscillating center frequency.
  • Monophonic Effects (for monophonic sources such as solo voice, clarinet, sax, etc.)
    • Pitch Shift – Frequency-domain transposition with timbre preservation.
    • Harmonize – Multiple transposition with timbre preservation
    • Pitch Quantizer – Nudge each note to the nearest semitone, for pitch correction or to create an interesting vocal effect.
    • Pitch Isolate –Isolates the tonal portion from the rest of the sound.
    • Sine / Noise – Gives you independent control over the sinusoidal and noise/transient portions of the sound.
    • Spectral Shapeshifter – Lets you change the shape of vocal formants (spectral envelope) without affecting the pitch.
    • Vibrato – Frequency-modulates only the sinusoidal component.
    • Robotization – Changes the pitch to a fixed frequency for a robotic effect.

Spectral Machine for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $75 USD excl. VAT.

More information: The Sound Guy