The Unfinished has announced that the Humankind 01 and Humankind 02 soundset bundles now available permanently.

Back in Christmas 2013, I decided to ‘pay something back’, as it were, by raising some money for one of my favourite charities, Oxfam. I did this by releasing four limited edition soundsets for Absynth, Massive, Omnisphere and Trilian. They were only available for a few weeks and 50% of the sales revenue went to Oxfam.

It was pretty popular and raised over £3,000, so I did it again in 2015, this time adding four more soundsets for Bazille, Diva, Zebra and Zebra HZ. This time around more than £2,500 was raised.

Since then, I’ve regularly had emails and messages asking if the sounds are coming back and now they are. I’m going to make all the sounds permanently available on my site, but now they will be bundled into two volumes: Humankind 01 with the original four soundsets and Humankind 02 with the second round of soundsets.

The bundles are available for purchase for £29.99 + VAT each. Fifty percent of the price goes towards Oxfam.

The Unfinished has also launched its 2016 Summer Sale, offering up to 50% off selected products.

With almost tedious predictability, I sit in my office about to type about my Summer Sale and the rain is absolutely pinging it down outside. Sigh.

Anyway, let’s brighten the gloom with news of the delightful The Unfinished Summer Sale 2016 in all its wondrous glory. There are no gimmicks, no piffling discounts, just good value money off joy. All you need do is use the discount code FABOMATIC.

The sale ends July 8th, 2016.

More information: The Unfinished