VST Buzz has announced a limited time sale on the Zebra Nordsund Bundle, offering a 70% discount on all 4 Dark Edition soundsets in The Unfinished’s Zebra Nordsund series: Blood, Gold, Dusk and Snow.

Created by sound designer The Unfinished, whose work has appeared in A-list Film and TV productions such as No Time To Die, Dune, The Crown and The Bridge, these sounds are inspired by series such as The Killing, Wallander, Trapped, Beck and Rebecka Martinsson.

The Nordsund series is full of morbid and crunchy analogue pulses and soundscapes, as well as physically-modelled instruments and percussion.

The bundle is priced 39 EUR until January 17th, 2023 (regular value 120 EUR).

More information: VST Buzz