thefutureisold Tantra Bundle

thefutureisold has announced the release of Envelopes and Rhythms, Meat and Potatoes, Creative Effects Vol 1, and the Tantra Bundle for the Tantra rhythmic multi fx plugin by Dmitry Sches.

Envelopes and Rhythms will be your go to Modulator Presets for Tantra VST. There are 100’s of Variations of ADSRs, Ramp Up and Down, Saws, Steps, Transients, and Sidechains. Pretty Much all you can think of. This will be you staring point for making your own patches. Or to use to Modify existing presetsThis will give life and Movement to your effects.

Meat and Potatoes is a great collection of presets for Tantra. This Pack truly shows what Tantra is capable of. This group of presets will keep you satisfied for all your effects needs. Whether your looking for basic delay and reverb to full on noise and glitchy sound effects, this collection will fulfill all your effects needs.

Creative Effects Vol 1 for Tantra is a great collection of effects presets that show Tantra’s true power as a multi effects plugin. This Collection covers all your needs. Whether your looking for basic delay and modulation effects to crazy glitched, distorted, or riser effects. Creative effects Vol 1 takes full advantage of Tantra’s Modulation section. Almost all the presets rely heavily on Tantra’s 8 modulators. These effects breath and move.

The preset packs are available for $19.99 USD each; the bundle cost $44.99 USD.

More information: thefutureisold