It Might Get Loud Productions has launched Thrash Metal Essentials, a collection of over 220 unique beats with fills and solo fills.

In the 1980’s Thrash Metal dominated the Metal world. Fast, fierce, bonecrushing drum beats dominated the Drum world. Now these beats are available at the tip of your finger.

Thrash Metal Essentials features beats influenced by some of the biggest albums of the genre, It has intros, fills, slow stuff, fast stuff, double bass, upbeats, downbeats, it’s got it all.

All Drums were recorded at various BPM’s.

Thrash Metal Essentials features

  • 200+ Unique Beats with Fills.
  • 20+ Unique Solo Fills.
  • All Drums played by Ron D. Rock at Soundstakk Studios, Detroit.
  • Uses GM Midi mapping.

The MIDI pack is available for purchase for 10 EUR ex. VAT.

More information: It Might Get Loud Productions