Tom Wolfe has announced the release of Automaton for Zebra, a collection of 100 lo-fi robotic-style patches for the Zebra2 software synthesizer by u-he.

Inspired by scores such as Tron: Legacy and Mr. Robot, Automaton is full of patches brimming with gritty, bit-crushed character.

From crunchy percussion and tearing sequences, to crushed pads and soaring leads, this set is ideal for anyone looking to infuse their cinematic compositions with this unique robotic style.

Automaton is available for the intro price of £11.99 GBP (regular £19.99 GBP).

Also available now is the U-he Collection, a bundle comprised of Automaton for Zebra and Muerte for Repro at a discounted price. The bundle is £24.99 GBP during the promotion (regular £29.99 GBP).

The offer ends May 20th, 2020.

More information: Tom Wolfe