ToneBoosters TB BusCompressor

ToneBooster has announced TB BusCompressor, a compressor effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

TB BusCompressor is a very transparent, all-round dynamics processor designed to be able to handle everything from single tracks to complex, full mixes. Even with ultra-short attack and release settings, harmonic distortion is extremely low (often better than -150 dB re FS*), and CPU load is typically below 0.5% (depending on hardware).

Besides the conventional controls for threshold, ratio, attack and release, TB BusCompressor features a variable soft knee, a dry/wet mixer for New York / parallel compression, a dedicated ‘upward compression’ mode, and an auto-release mode. Furthermore, the amount of bass fed into the side chain / level detector can be adjusted as well in a dedicated ‘expert settings’ menu.

TB BusCompressor features

  • Support of all sampling rates from 44.1 up to 192 kHz.
  • Transparent compressor suitable for a wide range of audio material.
  • Auto-release mode, and variable ‘dynamic release’ operation.
  • Upward and downward compression modes.
  • New York style / parallel compression supported by integrated dry/wet mixer.
  • Very light on the CPU.
  • Visual indication of effective compressor curve, including effect of dry/wet mixing.

TB BusCompressor for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for 19.95 EUR.

ToneBooster has also updates all plug-ins for version 3.0.

Changes in ToneBooster 3.0

  • All plugins
    • Complete GUI redesigns.
    • Variety of bug fixes, optimizations, improvements.
    • Major improvement on how plugin parameters are mapped onto automation data and external controllers.
    • Option to manually enter parameter values by right-click on rotary controls.
    • Added mouse-wheel functionality to drop-down menus.
    • Improved host automation for all X/Y editors.
  • Barricade
    • Autosaturation replaced by intelligent multi-band limiter.
    • Lookahead now expressed in ms.
    • 33% reduction in latency.
    • CPU load reduction on OSX (VST+AU).
  • Reelbus
    • Complete redesign of saturation module, giving much smoother sound.
    • Removed certain gimmicks (tape stop, noise reduction).
    • Lost presets are recovered.
    • Latency reduced to just 4 samples due to true analog emulation.
    • Aprox 15% CPU load reduction.
  • BusCompressor – Release of all new, low-complexity, high-quality compressor.
  • Equalizer – Added several new filter types (notch filter, bandpass filter, Pultec-style shelving filters).
  • TimeMachine
    • Enabled continuous change of (re)sampling rate.
    • Addition of analog saturation module (with drive and mix controls).
    • TimeMachine is now part of the TrackEssentials bundle.
  • FlX / FlX4
    • Approximately 30% CPU load reduction on OSX (VST+AU).
    • Improved GUI responsiveness.
  • EBULoudness – Increase in GUI refresh rate for smoother metering.
  • Ferox/Omnisone/Module/EZQ/IsoneSurround/HumRemover/XYTool – These guys are enjoying their retirement.

More information: ToneBoosters