ToneGym has announced the availability of a new Vocal Warm-up tool for singers, musicians, and vocal coaches who wish to practice, create and share vocal warm-ups and exercises.

The tool aims to help vocalists warm-up before singing sessions, sing better, and keep their voice in peak condition.

Users can choose from an extensive collection of essential and advanced exercises crafted by experts. Vocal coaches can create their own custom vocal warm-ups and share them with students and colleagues.

Vocal Warm-up tool features

  • Essential and advanced vocal warm-up exercises.
  • Practice humming, lip roll, yawn technique, open vowel, ng, ma, ney, and glissando.
  • Craft your own custom vocal warm-up exercises.
  • Share vocal exercises with students and friends.
  • Learn the fundamentals of practicing vocal warm-ups.

Vocal Warm-up tool is free, and available online at the ToneGym website.