Toontrack has introduced the fifth title in the series of fusion-inspired MIDI packs by drummer Luke Oswald. The Gospel Fusion MIDI pack for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer features more than 450 individually played drum grooves and fills inspired by fusion and gospel music.

The backbeat-driven collection of grooves and fills in this MIDI pack seamlessly fuse all the distinctive traits of both genres.

“As a drummer, both gospel and fusion have had a big impact on my own style of playing. With this collection, I wanted to pay tribute to gospel drumming on a whole while maintaining all the aesthetics of fusion. I also sought to deliver something that is useful beyond any genre labels or etiquettes,” he comments.

If you’re looking to bolster your upcoming songs with elaborate drum acrobatics of the highest possible standard combined with hefty portions of groove and soul, this is the MIDI pack to go for.

The MIDI pack is priced 29 USD/EUR.

More information: Toontrack