Toontrack EZX

Toontrack has released updates for all existing EZdrummer EZXs with more MIDI files and the addition of copy protection on the DFH, Vintage Rock and Latin Percussion EZXs.

The updates also include new mixer presets by Richard Devine. Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician. He is recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound, combining influences from old and modern electronic music praised for, among other things, a remix of Aphex Twins Come To Daddy.

Updated in the EZX titles

  • Latin Percussion EZX: Ensemble (complete arrangements) MIDI, Caxixi MIDI issues fixed, Challenge Response copy protection added.
  • DFH EZX: Additional Bonus MIDI, GRIND BLAST BEATS quantization, Challenge Response copy protection added.
  • Vintage Rock – Brushes and Sticks EZX: Additional Bonus MIDI, Blackbeauty sidestick distortion fixed, Challenge Response copy protection added.
  • Claustrophobic & Twisted Kit EZX: Richard Devine presets, FX routing added to documentation.
  • Nashville EZX: Pedal squeaking on default kick fixed.

All the updates are free of charge for existing users.

Visit Toontrack for more information.