Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

Toontrack has released version 2.1 of Superior Drummer, a drum sampler for Windows and Mac.

This major update contains many bug fixes as well as features significantly improving the user experience. It is recommended for all users and is essential for SDX (NY Vol2) support.

Changes in Superior Drummer v2.1

  • Offline bouncing overhaul
    • New option to not include all bleed and bounce only using the currently used samples.
    • Option to Bounce through the Mixer, including effects.
    • Independent Master bounce volume and overload display and Mixer bounce volume.
    • Progress ‘message’ board showing what mic is currently bounced.
    • The bounce process can be aborted.
    • New clearer nomenclature for the names of the bounced files.
    • New setting to ‘Keep intermediate’ files
  • New Mixer implementation
    • New Bus send layout.
    • Soloing Mics and Busses work recursively so as to allow the sound to reach the Outputs.
    • ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ Effect’ send facility for both Mics and Busses.
    • Drag and Drop for Inserts and Sends.
    • New Outputs and Busses nomenclature to mirror many hosts
  • New presets handling
    • Combined presets for loading/saving Instruments and Mixer Channels properties selectively.
    • Possibility to load saved files (.S20) as Combined presets.
    • Load/Save of Instrument groups for most preset types.
    • New Envelope Curve preset allowing to copy settings to groups of Instruments
  • Edrum experience improvement
    • New factory MIDI presets, including pedal correction curves (hatsCtrl only MIDI presets).
    • Various bugfixes and improvements to the transmute, mainly in AMB mics and faded drums.
    • Change to Distribution Groups, improving CC-hihats
  • Other Changes
    • Superior1 libraries renamed ‘S1 – Cocktail’, ‘S1 – Drummer’ and ‘S1 – Percussionist’.
    • Reorganized layout for the S1 Drummer factory presets.
    • Clicking on an anchor point in the Envelope curve is enough to update the display.
    • When ‘Felt Mallets’ is selected the ‘Bottom Wire Snares’ is deselected.
    • Preview in Studio window accepts mouse wheel to control articulation choice.
    • New savefile format that contains the new sub-presets found in the Combined presets.
    • Improved handling of memory limit exceeded during a bounce.
    • improved Mic auto-assignment for the X-drums.
    • X-drums should look like more similar to what they do in their own sound library.
  • Bug fixes.

Superior Drummer 2.1 is now available for download for registered users.

Visit Toontrack for more information.