Track Spark has launched the goody bag for this month, which includes a harmonic exciter plugin, samples from Elektron, a tutorial on sidechaining and more.

XCTR is a multi-band saturation unit by Audio Assault.

Phatten up the bass, smooth out the midrange, add air, it’s all possible from one interface! XCTR is equally at home on individual tracks and on instrument busses, or even in parallel!

Also included is Run the Track, a sound pack by German artist Jogging House for Elektron’s Analog Rytm.

The gorgeous lo-fi drums will set the pace; the warm basses will be your foundation as the hazy pads envelop you and lift you to a higher state of mind. Let this Sound Pack help to guide your music into a retro-futuristic landscape, created by your every beat, your every note.

The pack includes 127 samples featuring pads, kicks, snares, basses and more. these can be used in any software/hardware (16 bit/48 kHz mono WAV samples).

The March download also includes the Create Crazy Energy With Sidechaining tutorial by Rich Lewis and a whole load of amazing live drums and loops.

The goody bag is now available to Track Spark subscribers. New users can sign up to get the first month for free.

More information: Track Spark