Trance Euphoria has launched Johnny Yono Future Trance Essentials for Spire, a collection of 128 Trance presets for the Spire synthesizer instrument.

The sounds in this pack are suitable for all types of Trance, especially Epic, Uplifting, Euphoric and Psytrance.

Trance Euphoria Johnny Yono Future Trance Essentials

An artist in every sense of the word, Johnny Yono brings all the passion and charisma that great musicians are made of. Born and raised in the suburbs outside of Detroit, Michigan Johnny led a very active upbringing, dabbling in everything from ice hockey to playing drums in rock bands before pursuing an acting career.

Following his high school years, he was drawn in to Motor City’s rave scene and through Detroit’s legendary underground dance culture, Johnny’s love for electronic music began to blossom. At the time however, acting was Johnny’s primary focus and in his early twenties, he set out to Los Angeles to pursue the grand dream of making it on the big screen. Johnny landed numerous roles in TV shows and independent films and managed to keep himself afloat but, continued to indulge in LA’s ever-growing electronic music industry.

Having been inspired by Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Sasha & Digweed and many more, Johnny could no longer ignore his true calling. He assembled a small studio and began producing dance music. After experimenting with a variety of sounds, he finally planted himself in the realm of Trance and has remained ever since. Turning heads with his breakout single, ‘Fairfax’ — Johnny established himself as a name to watch out for after signing with UK’s powerhouse Trance label, Enhanced Recordings.

Johnny Yono Future Trance Essentials for Spire features

  • 128 Spire presets (bank file).
  • 8 Lead MIDI files used in the demo.
  • 6 Pad MIDI files used in the demo.
  • 6 Pluck MIDI files used in the demo.
  • Text file of demo patches used and demo times.
  • Mixdown of demo.

The soundset is available from Reveal Sound for $25 USD. Requires Spire synthesizer version 1.1.14 or higher.

More information: Reveal Sound