TranceTutorial Suzy Wong Space! releases Suzy Wong’s Space!, an FX Combinator ReFill for Reason 4.

Space! is aimed at producers who wish to severely manipulate audio in a fashion that suits modern production. Making use of Thor’s complex routing possibilities, this collection of 127 Combinator patches forms one of the most inspiring FX refills to date.

Space! will take any sound given, then gate, flange, filter and delay it to the extreme, reducing the time it takes to achieve impressive and musically viable sound destruction.

Suzy has taken a great deal of time to ensure this refill is as useable and powerful as possible. It sits the mix nicely, and the well routed Combi controls are always fun to tweak.

Suzy Wong’s Space! features

  • 127 quality Combinator patches of varying theme and consistent excellence
  • Patches organized for speed and ease of use
  • User friendly, powerful and fun
  • All Combinator controls properly and tastefully mapped
  • Use the Mod Wheel to push sounds even closer to oblivion
  • Functions as send or insert effect
  • Unique skin
  • Trancegate with full compliment of patterns
  • Useable and current sound
  • PDF manual

Suzy Wong’s Space! is available for download for $19.95 USD.

Visit TranceTutorial for more information and a video demo.