Transform mono to stereo with ReStereo Rack Extension for Reason

Numerical Sound ReStereo

Numerical Sound has released ReStereo, a Rack Extension plugin for Propellerhead Reason, allowing you to transform any mono track into stereo.

ReStereo instantly gives your mono tracks the highest-end stereo sound that only elite recording engineers could achieve – until now.

Choose from 25 stereo fields that span every size from solo instrument to large ensemble. Innovative audiophile artifact-free design preserves both bass and maximum clarity automatically. Can improve every mono track in your mix.

Introduction to ReStereo by Numerical Sound.

ReStereo is available to purchase for 55 EUR / $69 USD.

More information: Numerical Sound / ReStereo (Propellerhead Store)

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Reason: the doors are open for ugly GUIs. :D :D :D