Transformizer PRO and Transformizer BASIC are now available on a subscription platform that allows users to access the plugins at a fixed, low cost per month. However, it is always possible to purchase the plugins on a regular basis.


“We recognise that for some users, a subscription-based model is a better choice. You may have a dedicated project that calls for ‘Transformizing’, but are not sure if you will need it on every project. Now, you can sign up for a subscription and simply use the plugin for as long as you need it.

We find that a flexible alternative and are sure that music producers and sound designers out there agree,” says Lars-Bo Kjær, co-founder and Creative Director at Transformizer.It’s a gamechanger in its own right and we think people are going to love it!”, says Transformizer co-founder and CTO Lars-Bo Kjær.

The model itself is also flexible in the sense that users can choose to commit to a 12-month period for a lower monthly price, or simply go on a month-by-month basis. Transformizer BASIC will be available at $4.95 USD/month with 12 month’s of commitment and at $9.95 USD with monthly commitment. Based on the same scheme, Transformizer PRO will be $14.95 USD and $29.95 USD respectively.

Transformizer BASIC is primarily aimed at music production and allows for ‘transformizing’ between two layers of sound, but it features an intuitive Randomizer function and is able to lock to the tempo of a host DAW, making it ideal for loop-based music creation and creative music producers. In other words, a tool for creating unique and never-before-heard textures, layers and variations that spark inspiration and help providing a unique edge on vocals, keyboards, drums, guitars and other instruments or sounds.

Transformizer PRO is the full-blown version that works for all pro sound designs and advanced sample creation, for ‘transformizing’ up to four layers of sounds in order to adapt the behavioral profile from a designated master file to the underlying sounds. Transformizer PRO gives unique sonic impression by using the pitch, amplitude, time and formant values from one sound to transform another completely random sound in real time, changing the sonic characteristics radically and instantly, it also features lock to host BPM and an even more powerful Randomizer function.

More information: Transformizer