Lost Technology Refuzznik v0.5 (default Cantabile GUI)

Transvaal Audio (developer of Lost Technology) has released Refuzznik v0.5, a freeware distortion VST plug-in.


  • ZeroX – for adding zero crossings
  • Gain in control
  • Mix control for mixing distortion types (sinusoidal/shelving)
  • Amp and Freq controls which set the minimum amplitude and frequecy of the sinusoidal function
  • FreqDif changes the frequency of the sinusoidal function in relation to input levels

Transvaal Audio’s Lost Technology has also been updated to v0.2.2.

Changes in v0.2.2

  • The Exp modulator function (which didn’t produce very interesting results) has been replaced with the Top function
  • There is now a help feature that displays a brief explanation of the most recently modified parameter. This feature is off by default and can be turned on by clicking on a button

Visit Transvaal Audio for more information and a link to download Refuzznik and the latest version of Lost Technology.