Lost Technology v0.2

Transvaal Audio has updated Lost Technology (FSU effect) to version 0.2.3 and Refuzznik (distortion effect) to version 0.5.1.


  • LT: Fixed a bug in LT that has caused wildly incorrect frequency detection in all versions since 0.2
  • LT: New modulator function in LT that is sort of like the old Exp function but faster and better
  • LT: Code tweaks in the Analyzer that might reduce processor usage when the inputs are silent
  • Refuzznik: An input slew limiter for Refuzznik that can reduce hiss and buzz when the frequency parameters are turned up high

Presets made for earlier versions of LT will not load correctly in version 0.2.3. If you have presets that you want to use with LT 0.2.3, use the new version of the presetfixer to convert them to 0.2.3 format. Presets made for Refuzznik 0.5 won’t work in 0.5.1. The presetfixer does not deal with Refuzznik presets.

Visit Transvaal Audio for more information and links to download the latest version of Lost Technology and Refuzznik.