I’m excited to launch this exclusive new free sample pack by Carl from Plughugger. Trashy Techno Drums offers a collection of samples from the TR-909 drum machine, but with a lofi twist.

Recorded with an Atari 1040 ST equipped with the Microdeal Replay 4 sampling cartridge, this pack has some of the grittiest 8-bit 909 sounds around, or as Carl puts it: “It’s like you’ve used a bitcrusher, added some extra noise AND sucked out the soul of the sound.”

The sound quality of this sampling cartridge is truly unique and is nothing you can dial up using various bitcrusher plugins. The sound of the Replay 4 is lofi on steroids.

The pack also includes a bunch of sounds that were processed with audio plugins, to bring the lofi sound of the Atari to the modern age.

Trashy Techno Drums features

  • Roland TR-909 Atari ST Replay 4: 11 kick, 13 snare, 1 clap, 11 hihat, 6 ride, 6 crash, 13 low tom, 13 mid tom, 12 high tom, 1 rim.
  • Processed: 15 kick, 15 snare, 4 clap, 11 hihat, 7 ride, 11 crash, 42 percussion, 10 fx.
  • Total of 202 one-shot samples, 16-bit/44.1 kHz format.
  • 100% royalty free.

You can download the Trashy Techno Drums pack below.

 Trashy Techno Drums — Download size: 31.12 MB

Check the Loops & Samples page for more free downloads and make sure to visit Plughugger for some more quality sounds!