Triple Spiral Audio has announced a new sound library for the Omnisphere 2.5 virtual instrument from Spectrasonics.

Traveller contains 200 presets and 50 multis, perfectly suited for ambient music productions or to serve as underscore in film/game or library music.

Triple Spiral Audio Traveller

“My witness is the empty sky” wrote Jack Kerouac in his famous book On the Road. Traveller is a soundset that provides you a journey where dark and light meet eachother and where hardly anything stands still. Movement is one of the key features of this soundset. Dark and light ambient pads and textures, mysteriously moving soundscapes and guitar drones. Haunting arp’s and dark deep ominous basses.

All the presets use the 4 layers in Omnisphere 2.5 and often the modwheel makes it possible to add or remove certain elements. For example to remove the pulsating movement in a preset and to turn it into a more static pad. Or to transform a soft plucked synth into a lush analog texture.

Traveller is available for pre-order for 32.95 EUR. The sound library will be available on September 20th, with an intro price of 37.95 EUR (regular 44.95 EUR). Prices ex. VAT.

Customers of the Season Pass will have this soundset added to their account.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio