Triple Spiral Audio has announced the return of the Christmas Specials, offering selected sound libraries are a discounted price for a limited time.

The Christmas Specials are soundsets for various soft synths and created by Triple Spiral Audio, Subsonic Artz and Heartwood Soundware. We started creating these special soundsets in 2020 and each year we will expand them with a few new ones

They are only available between 21 December and 21 January for a fixed price of €10,- each. 50% of the earnings go to charity and in 2021 that is to the Red Cross and several foodbank organisations around the globe.

The following sound packs are currently on sale for 10 EUR each:

  • New: Ghost of Christmas for Omnisphere 2 lo-fi/ambient soundset by Triple Spiral Audio.
  • New: Sylphs for DIVA with 64 ambient/fantasy/sci-fi sounds + 64 tweaked presets from previous DIVA soundsets from Subsonic Artz.
  • Winter Solstice for Omnisphere 2 by Triple Spiral Audio.
  • Let There Be Light for DIVA by Subsonic Artz.
  • Bundle of Christmas Noises by Heartwood Soundware.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio