Triple Spiral Audio has announced the return of the Season Pass, an opportunity to purchase all of 2022’s upcoming products at a discounted price.

In 2018 I had a Season Pass, which offered all the upcoming products for a one year period. Over the years I had now and then the request if I would do it again. When I created the roadmap for the products I am developing for 2022 I thought it would be a nice again to have again a Season Pass available.

With the Season Pass 2022 you will receive all the products from Triple Spiral Audio that will be released during the year 2022 with a guaranteed amount of 10 products. You will also receive a special bonus set for Pigments 3 in June that will be only available for owners of the Season Pass. During 2022 I will release 2 Kontakt libraries, 2 Omnisphere soundsets, 2 Pigments soundset, 1 Falcon soundset, 1 VPS Avenger Soundset and for the remaining 2 I will decide later on what to do.

The Season Pass is available for purchase for 250 EUR, offering a savings of at least 75 EUR on a purchase of all included products at introductory prices.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio