Triple Spiral Audio has announced that Jason Schoepfer from Rocky Mountain Sounds has joined Triple Spiral Audio with the Dystopian Rains sound library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.

Suitable for soundtrack and game score, live and online video production, and Ambient and Downtempo music, the library contains 146 presets, 41 multis and 42 sound sources.

The Genesis Elements series of sample and sound expansions are a treasure of amazing elemental building blocks – giving you exciting sonic territories to explore. Each release will showcase specific nature soundscapes, including rains, which are the foundation of Dystopian Rains.

Dystopian Rains was birthed during the worldwide pandemic, making it the ideal initial release for the Genesis Elements series. The emotional struggle and feeling of desolation and hopelessness influenced each sound creation, and serves as a reminder of this dark time all of humanity have experienced. The sounds can be light and hopeful, but also dark and filled with despair. Overall, this collection points to a future hope and rebirth of life, thus the Genesis inspiration.

Dystopian Rains is available at the introduction price of €27.95 EUR (MSRP €34.95 EUR).

Also available is After Science by Beautiful Void Audio, a collection of presets for The Legend synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

It is loosely inspired by the ambient and electronic work of Brian Eno (though not endorsed by him).

The sounds are geared towards science fiction and ambient work, with many sounds capable of being used in other genres as well.

The pack includes 96 presets from 7 different categories:

  • 24 Ambient.
  • 4 Brass.
  • 10 Experimental.
  • 24 FX.
  • 11 Keys.
  • 11 Leads.
  • 12 Pads.

The soundset is available for the intro price of 11.50 EUR (MSRP 15 EUR).

Furthermore, the Weekly Summer Deals at Triple Spiral Audio include all Repro 1 + 5 soundsets.

More information: Triple Spiral Audio