Samples From Mars has launched a new sample library in the “Fragments” series. Trumpet Fragments features trumpet tones, licks, breaths and stabs, performed by acclaimed trumpet player Greg Paulus.

The samples were harmonized through an Eventide H3000, and synthesized into playable keyboard instruments. The pack comes with cosmic horns, symphonic leads, chord stabs, ambient pads, modulating FX, and more.

Our intention when making this pack was not to mimic an acoustic trumpet, but to re-contextualize the horn within a modern and electronic environment. In fact, the results of this process come closer to some sort of futuristic trumpet-synth than a traditional, canned-trumpet sample pack.

Trumpet Fragments features

  • 26 Trumpet Fragments Instruments.
  • 27 WAV samples at 24-bit/44.1kHz.
  • Live Trumpet licks, riffs, stabs and squelches manipulated through an H3000, SE-70 and Space Echo.
  • Mapped to keyboard instruments.
  • Symphonic leads, Cutting Chord Stabs, Ambient Pads, Chunky basses, Airy FX, plucky keys, and harmonic horn textures.
  • WAVs are trimmed, looped, named by note, and mapped to various samplers.
  • WAVs feature mapping and looping metadata, for easy drag n drop into unsupported samplers.
  • Recorded cleanly through an API 1608 console to Apogee Symphony Conversion.
  • Modwheel parameters and FX routing on Kontakt and Logic instruments.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $9 USD at the Samples From Mars website.