TubeOhm has announced the release of Ambika-C, a MIDI controller plug-in for the Ambika synthesizer from Mutable Instruments.

TubeOhm Ambika-C

Ambika-C MIDI controller is a hybrid MIDI editor for Ambika. To make sound design easy they implemented a special random function to create sounds in seconds.

The Ambika-C controller contains six additional and external step sequencers.

Ambika-C features

  • All in one page with all valid parameters for the sound design.
  • All in one page for the sequencers.
  • Multi MIDI in.
  • Six step sequencer.
  • Each step sequencer it’s own MIDI in/out MIDI channel and BPM.
  • Sequencer sync to all button.
  • Random function for all selected parameters.
  • Modulations matrix.
  • Sequencer are usable with other synthesizer.

The plug-in is available for Windows (VST) for 29 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm