Instruments of Things has launched a Kickstarter project for the SOMI-1, a highly precise sensor technology that provides performers, musicians and creators the opportunity of making music via movements.

The system consists of Bluetooth motion sensors, a receiver hub and a smartphone app (as possible sound source). The sensors can be worn as wearables on the wrists and ankles, turning the user into an instrument.

The SOMI-1 motion sensors measure movements and accelerations in different directions and transform them into sound in real-time. The motion data of the SOMI-1 sensors is received wirelessly via Bluetooth® 5 by the SOMI-1 hub, that connects to your sound source via USB or TRS-MIDI (e.g. your phone). The sound can either be generated via the SOMI-1 smartphone app, which offers several different sound presets, or by any instrument or music software that is compatible with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface).

SOMI-1 features

  • 8 different movement parameters per sensor.
  • Smartphone app as sound source.
  • Connectivity to music software & hardware as sound source.
  • Hub with MIDI interface (USB & TRS).
  • Wireless via Bluetooth® 5.
  • Up to 6 sensors simultaneously.
  • Range up to 50 meters (164 feet).
  • Low latency under 10ms.

SOMI-1 is offered in kits of two to six sensors, with early bird pricing available on the Kickstart project page.

More information: Instruments of Things