Tweakbench has updated all 22 of it’s plug-ins.

Also, Ritual 1.0 (the Bass synth plug-in that featured in the KVR DC) was added to the Tweakbench website, which also got a brand new design.

So what is new?

  • All known bugs addressed
  • All knobs changed to linear motion
  • All controls respond to Ctrl-dragging for precision
  • Tooltips added to almost every control, a huge help for beginners!
  • Breakdown, Mashup, Sideslip and Dropout all got a new GUI with fully drawable curves
  • Tapeworm updated to include vintage tape grain
  • Carillon and Papaya got randomizers
  • Field got an improved playback trigger (autoplays in all hosts now)
  • NEW PLUGIN: Ritual 1.0 – Bass synthesizer
  • retired plugin: Pressure
  • Yoink updated with improved loop points and generally snazzier sampling

Tweakbench now offers a “bundled download” feature which gets you ALL the plugins at once for a $5 donation. That’s a nice way to support Tweakbench for the most wonderful plug-ins they provide freely.

Visit Tweakbench for more information.