Twisted Tools Lemurized Scapes

Twisted Tools has released Lemurized Scapes, a Lemur template by Antonio Blanca for Scapes, the effects processor and sound generator for Native Instruments Reaktor.

“Probably one of the coolest Lemur templates so far. Really sophisticated and tightly integrated with Scapes, love it. Will be using this one alot in my sessions.” Richard Devine

The Lemurized Scapes template is available as a free download for registered Scapes users.

Twisted Tools has also released updates for color based zone matrix sequencer Colorflex and granular multi-effect Buffeater.

Changes in Colorflex / Buffeater v1.2

  • Major CPU Enhancements w/Snapshot Changing.
  • Various Minor Fixes.
  • Icons for Logic Pro.

Colorflex and Buffeater for Reaktor 5 are available to purchase for $49 USD each.

More information: Twisted Tools