Twisted Tools Vortex

Twisted Tools has released version 1.5 of Vortex, a granular sampler/sequencer for Native Instruments Reaktor.

Vortex is a six track polyphonic sampler and sequencer for Native Instrument’s Reaktor 5. It comes pre-configured for Kore 2 and Maschine and features an original 250mb+ sample maps with samples by artists such as Antonio Blanca, c2, D’arcangelo, Richard Devine, Josh Hinden, Noklip,, Mike Huckaby, Sonictwist, Timonkey, Tipper and Vinja.

Changes in Vortex v1.5

  • High quality (non-granular) sampler mode (per voice).
  • Scene sequencing via MIDI.
  • Major CPU optimizations (up to 50% reduction in some cases).
  • Revised/consolidated manual.

Vortex for Reaktor 5 is available to purchase for $49 USD. The update is free for registered users.

More information: Twisted Tools / Vortex