Plugin Boutique has launched a limited time sale on Two Notes Audio Engineering’s industry standard audio plugin for virtual miking, power amp simulation and studio grade post effects.

Offered at over 30% off, Torpedo Wall of Sound Plugin Boutique Edition is powered by Two notes DynIR Technology, offering hyper-realistic electric guitar and bass virtual cabinets with 8 microphones, multiple rooms and complete control over mic positioning.

For immediate creative potential, Wall of Sound PB Edition comes with 10 primo DynIR cabinets inspired by a roster of must-have enclosures from the likes of Fender®, Vox®, Engl®, Mesa Engineering®, Marshall®, Ampeg® and more. Add to this a choice of 80 microphones – and an exquisite driver line-up – and the match is well and truly set for virtually any mixing or live performance scenario.

Need more cabinets? With Torpedo Wall of Sound, experience direct access to over 600 guitar and bass speaker cabinets from Mesa/Boogie®, Celestion®, Victory Amplification®, ENGL® and many more. With full facilities to demo every cab in our collection, realising the tone in your head or finding your signature sound couldn’t be simpler.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX), Torpedo Wall of Sound Plugin Boutique Edition is on sale for $26 USD until June 24th, 2024 (regular $39.99 USD). Various DynIR cabinet collections are also on sale at $64 USD each during the promotion.

More information: Two Notes Audio Engineering