u-he has released a public beta of More Feedback Machine v2.0.

u-he More Feedback Machine v2.0

MFM is a delay effect plug-in, capable of doing anything from bread & butter stuff to weird rhythmic deconstructions.

MFM 2.0 features

  • 4 separate delay lines
  • Panning, filter, output level and lots of feedback options for each delay line
  • Feedback matrix including ping pong, multitap and feedback delay networks for reverb-type effects
  • Resonant multimode filter for each delay line
  • Matrix effects to mangle the delay feedback including saturation, bitreduction, frequency shifting (sideband filter) and phasing effects for each of both pairs
  • LFO modulation (create chorusing effects)
  • Keyboard to play tuned comb filter effects
  • Multistage envelopes to create evolving filter sweeps or gating effects

This is one versatile delay effect! Make sure to check this public beta if you are planning on buying this, because pre-orders start in March 2007 and will save you $20 (regular price will be $79 US).

More information: u-he / More Feedback Machine