u-he has announced the release of public beta updates for its Diva and Zebra virtual synthesizer instruments for Windows and Mac.

Most prominent fixes/solutions are

– no sound on projects larger than 2 GB
– installers signed for MacOS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Once these things are confirmed, we’ll start updating everything else.

Changes in Diva/Zebra Rev 871

  • Fixed some preset names.
  • Fixed some installer scripts.
  • Includes fixes for Reason.
  • Installers (Mac) delete files before new ones are installed.
  • Mac-Installers don’t ask to install “for all users” anymore.
  • Diva-Tunemod bug fixed (“Zero Vibrato + quantize” modulation problem).
  • Zebrify Mono/Left/Right modes work again.
  • Keyboard-Input works better.
  • Crash bug win-xp (could have happened in any Windows OS). Fixed.
  • Wrong signatures for Zebra2/Diva (HZ was okay). Fixed.
  • Installers showed ????? when data was a shortcut (also Zebra & Diva but not HZ). Fixed.
  • Mac installers install correctly without deleting the old component first.
  • Saved Text appears in Windows VST dialogs.
  • Symbolic links can’t create endless loops anymore.
  • Win64 doesn’t produce silent synths in huge projects anymore.
  • Additional minor fixes.

The public beta is now available for download.

More information: u-he